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“He loved to look great. She loved to do good.
That is how they came up with the idea of doing good while looking great!
This simple thought turned into an exciting challenge that set them on an adventure of a lifetime. Both of them had experienced ‘sustainable’ living. As conscious individuals of an eco-system fast running out of natural resources, they gravitated toward creating sustainable clothing.
​Research and time spent in the industry revealed that simply being sustainable was not enough! Recycle and reuse, although a brilliant step in the right direction, did very little to restore balance to the eco-system. Textile and textile ancillaries have been polluting land and water for too long. ‘Not ending up in a landfill’ was not enough.
Definitely not for these two.

For 20 months they researched, hunted high and low and finally came up with an option to make design and fashion not just ‘sustainable’; but COMPOSTABLE.
PECKD is a result of all these efforts and then some. What started out as a hunt for compostable fabric, extended into a search for compostable thread, biodegradable buttons, organic colours that requires less water and no chemicals, handmade paper and a whole list of natural raw materials.
The result –  PECKD; India’s first fully compostable fashion brand. Every PECKD garment decomposes when in contact with the soil, including its thread and buttons.
The he-and-she duo carry forward their research to bring alive gorgeous fashion which helps rebuild the eco-system.

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